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Miami Video Producer is a video production studio located 30 minutes outside Miami and Ft Lauderdale. We have a variety of video shoot sets and our studio is one of the best and most affordable music video filming locations in Florida.

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Video Shoot Rentals

We have an impressive video production studio location rental that is versatile and will come with everything you need to create professional quality video. Our video set rental range from criminal justice to medical to educational settings. You can also take advantage of our video studio rental as a music video location. We work hard to make sure that all your filming needs are taken care of, and more.

Video Production Studio Rental

Prices start at $500 for 5 hours. 3 sets included.

Miami Video Producer has video productoin studios for all kinds of filming projects. All video shoot sets come with everything you need to film professional quality video. Our studio is also a great music video location adn we have shot 100s of music video locations here. Contact us today to schedule a tour and learn about all the great sets and services our video production studio has to offer. We can also show you a variety of music video location ideas.

video set rental

Interrogation Room Video Set

The interrogation room is a video set rental that’s ready to go with everything you need. The dark space will give your film a serious atmosphere. Any criminal justice film or show will need to have an interrogation scene. When you book this video shoot location rental you’ll be provided with a professional space that perfectly resembles any typical interrogation room. This will make the interrogation feel authentic and will provide you with high quality scenes for your movie or tv show.


video shoot set

Doctor Office Video Set

The medical room set is detailed and versatile. This video studio rental comes with everything you would expect to see in a doctor’s office, such as informational posters, medical equipment, props such as stethoscopes and uniforms, and even a full skeleton. Any medical scene can be filmed in this video shoot location. We can provide all of the props that you may need with this video location rental, so your scenes will be complete and authentic.


video shoot location

Police Station Video Set

Our video set rental matches everything that a standard precinct office has. Desks and filing cabinets fill up the room while still leaving a large amount of space. There are also corkboards, a blackboard, and wanted posters. This video shoot location is an excellent space which will fit a large team of actors and crew. Schedule a tour with our video production studio to learn more about how to utilize our video shoot sets and get the creative juices flowing.


music video location

Hotel lobby set

A vintage hotel lobby is a serious location, and it is the perfect video set rental for your creepy and spooky drama. Even if you are shooting an indie film or want to use it as a music video shoot location, this set gives an authentic representation of what it’s like in a creepy hotel lobby. This video shoot location rental has a grim atmosphere that will give your video a professional feel. You will be able to use this set in a variety of ways.


video location rental

Insane Asylum Room

Our insane asylum goes well with our hospital room set. Between our asylum set and hospital room set, you'll be able to let your audience really think you're in an actual insane asylum. This set also includes a straight jacket, nurse outfits, and doctor outfits.


video location rental

Green Screen Setup

Our professional green screen gives you the ability to use any background you would want to use in post-production. If you need help in post-production to change your background, contact us and let us know and we'll quote you on the work you want to do.


video location rental

Urban Graffiti Stairwell

Looking for a graffiti stairwell for a music video shoot? Rent our stairwell, it's included when you rent our film studio location.


video location rental

Jail Cell

If you already thought about using our interrogation room, why wouldn't you also use our jail cell? Anyone being interrogated would normally be held in a jail cell. We also have orange jumpsuits and police outfits included when you rent our studio.


video location rental

Classroom Video Set

The classroom video shoot location is full of the props you need to film any educational scene. The room is complete with a blackboard and a white board, students’ desks and a teacher’s desk, posters, an American flag, and more. You can give your classroom an “old school” feel with the exposed brick wall. Everything comes together to represent an authentic American classroom. This video location rental is great for any educational setting or situation.


video location rental

Restaurant / Bar

Looking to rent a restaurant with a bar for your video shoot location? We're perfect for a downtown restaurant or bar scene to shoot for a short film or indie film. It can also be set up to look like a nightclub in Miami. This video shoot location is outside of our video production studio and costs only an additional $250. Please contact us if you're looking to rent just this location.


video location rental

Lavish Mansion

Looking for a mansion for a video shoot location? We have a few mansions available to rent. Contact


Music Video Shoot Lighting

$175/hr. 5 hour minimum. Includes 3 Standing Sets & up to 2 Light Setups.
Additional fees for off site delivery/setup.

When considering various music video location ideas, studio and stage lighting are important factors. At Miami Video Producer, music video lighting is included with all full day rentals, starting at $600. Our studio is one of the best places to shoot music videos because of our great stage lighting, music video location, and expertise in producing quality videos. Contact us to take a tour and see all of the great equipment we have to offer.

Video Studio Lighting Rentals

Our studio has a variety of programmable lighting props which will inspire you when you are looking at music video filming locations. You’ll have complete control to design your ideal stage at our locations for music videos.

Video Studio Rentals

Our video shoot sets are available for whatever your needs may be, whether you want to shoot a dark drama, bright comedy, or if you are searching for places to shoot music videos. Our video production studio will provide you with everything you need.

Overhead Lights

Light Tunnel

V Setup

Light Wall

Prop Rentals

Not included with rental

All of the video shoot sets at Miami Video Producer are fully outfitted with a large variety of props. Our uniform sets include outfits for police and medical workers. There are also vehicles such as police cars available. Each video studio rental contains complete prop sets, and other items are available such as fake money, fake guns, and more. Whatever it is your scene needs!

video shoot set

Police Outfit

music video location

Fake Money

video shoot set

Doctor's Outfit

video set rental

prop weapons

video set rental


video set rental

Prisoner's Outfit

Car Rentals

Not included with studio rental

music video location

Cargo Van

music video location

Police Car

music video location

2017 Slingshot

music video location

Lavish Cars

music video location

Private Airplanes

music video location

Charter Helicopter

Video Production Services

Here at Miami Video Producer we have experience in assisting with all areas of filming from pre-production to post-production. In addition to providing a video location rental and locations for music videos, we can also help with all aspects of the shoot such as camera equipment, lighting and audio, props, and more. We can also assist in managing talent and sets, and film editing. Our video production studio can provide solutions for all your video filming needs.

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